Composer Talk: Luke Nickel

28th May 2018 6:00pm
Free refreshments served at 5.15pm

Luke Nickel is an award-winning Canadian interdisciplinary artist and researcher currently undertaking a PhD at Bath Spa University. His work, which began in the field of music composition, now investigates notions of notation, re-performance, loss of fidelity, and memory. He has worked with ensembles and organizations such as EXAUDI, the Bozzini Quartet, the Arnoflini Gallery, and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. He also co-directs the Cluster: New Music + Integrated Arts Festival in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

Liveness, Hybridity and Noise is a new series of talks, concerts and workshops convened by Professor Martyn Harry focusing on experimentalism and contemporary classical music, with most events live-streamed by the JdP. Three times a term invited composers will give lectures at the JdP, St Hilda’s College on a range of topics pertaining to composition, creative collaboration and live electronics that will provide the basis for a vibrant scholarly and interdisciplinary dialogue between composers, performers, academics and audiences.

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Luke Nickel