Composers in Conversation

Thursday, 2 March 2023 - 1:15pm

Composers in Conversation

Charlotte Pawley (soprano) & Zoe Smith (RWCMD)

Songs by Grace Williams, Elizabeth Maconchy & Nicola Lefanu

Grace Williams (1906-1977)
‘The Blackbird’ (Y fwyalchen)
‘Watching the wheat’ (Bugeilio’r gwenith gwyn)
‘The loom (Y gwydd)
‘To Death’ (Tyrd, angau)

Elizabeth Maconchy (1907-1994)
‘Ophelia’s song’
‘Have you seen but a bright lily grow’
‘Sun, moon and stars’
Three Songs: ‘In memory of W.B.Yeats’, ‘In memory of W.B.Yeats II’ & ‘It's no go’

Nicola Lefanu (b. 1947)
‘But stars remaining’

Photo of Charlotte P