Rendezvous I: ‘Space-time’

Wednesday, 7 February 2018 - 7:30pm
Composer Talk by John Croft at 6pm with free refreshments served at 5.15pm
£5 students, £10 stalls, £13 gallery

Watch the Pre-Concert Talk and Concert again here.

Soloists of Explore Ensemble (Taylor Maclennan: flutes, Deni Teo: cello) present the fantastical live electronic music of British composer John Croft. In these works the electronic parts evoke imaginary spaces in which musicians and audience explore magically transformed sounds, resonances and senses of time. Alongside Croft’s music is Kaija Saariaho’s atmospheric and spectralist duo for cello and bass flute ‘Oi Kuu’ (Finnish, ‘for the moon’), and a new work by Nicholas Moroz for duo and live electronics.

John Croft - la terra lagrimosa...una luce vermiglia
Nicholas Moroz - Ambages
John Croft -  …ne l’aura che trema
Kaija Saariaho  Oi Kuu

Liveness, Hybridity and Noise is a new series of talks, concerts and workshops convened by Professor Martyn Harry focusing on experimentalism and contemporary classical music, with most events live-streamed by the JdP. Three times a term invited composers will give lectures at the JdP, St Hilda’s College on a range of topics pertaining to composition, creative collaboration and live electronics that will provide the basis for a vibrant scholarly and interdisciplinary dialogue between composers, performers, academics and audiences.

John Croft