Rendezvous II: ‘Translation’

Wednesday, 16 May 2018 - 7:30pm
Composer Talk by Joanna Bailie at 6pm
£5 students, £10 stalls, £13 gallery

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Explore Ensemble soloists (Deni Teo: cello, Emmanuelle Fleurot: piano) present a selection of works for instrument with tape by Berlin-based British composer Joanna Bailie. Bailie’s music here explores the interplay between field recordings and live musicians, creating artificial environments within which listeners are invited to re-imagine how sound mediates our everyday world. Similarly concerned with the idea of translation is Peter Ablinger’s ongoing ‘Voices and Piano’ series. Ablinger transcribes recordings of famous figures for the piano according to different resolutions of pitch and rhythm, sometimes matching almost exactly, other times beguilingly dissimilar, to simultaneously reveal and extend our perceptions of speech sounds.

Peter Ablinger - Voices and Piano: selection
Joanna Bailie - Trains
Joanna Bailie - Artificial Environment No.8
Morton Feldman - Durations 2
Jonathan Packham - Secret Animals (WP)

Liveness, Hybridity and Noise is a new series of talks, concerts and workshops convened by Professor Martyn Harry focusing on experimentalism and contemporary classical music, with most events live-streamed by the JdP. Three times a term invited composers will give lectures at the JdP, St Hilda’s College on a range of topics pertaining to composition, creative collaboration and live electronics that will provide the basis for a vibrant scholarly and interdisciplinary dialogue between composers, performers, academics and audiences.