Romantic Trilogy 2: Lunchtime Recital (Liszt & Dvorák)

Thursday, 8 December 2016 - 1:15pm
£5 (3 CONCERT OFFER: Gallery £25, Stalls £20, Students £20/£10)

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Liszt’s La lugubre gondola and Dvorák’s Violin Sonatina in G, Op. 100. In another contrasted pairing, Liszt’s keyboard homage to his son-in-law Richard Wagner, who died in Venice in 1883, shares a programme with Dvorák’s blithe sonatina that refracts Mozart’s spirit through a Slavonic Romantic sensibility.


Liszt - La lugubre gondola
Dvorák - Violin Sonatina in G, Op. 100 


This performance is one of a three-part programme, and you can buy our 3 Concert Offer Tickets to gain entry to these other events below:

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On Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning, writer and broadcaster Richard Wigmore leads study sessions on the music to be performed at the evening concerts. Discussion and non-technical analysis of the music, with the players providing instant demonstration, will be complemented by biographical and cultural background. For more information visit:

Sara Trickey violin Daniel Tong piano Joseph Tong piano