Explore Ensemble: New Music with Live Electronics

Friday, November 24, 2017
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The JdP’s LHN Series presents three concerts curated by Nicholas Moroz (St Hilda’s), in partnership with the London based new music group Explore Ensemble, focussing on works with live electronics. This first edition sees Explore Ensemble present the music of Patricia Alessandrini, whose new work ‘Tracer la lune d’un doigt’ involves robotics, microprocessors, and transducers. This comes alongside the virtuosic music of Steven Daverson and Enno Poppe, plus an early spectral work by Fausto Romitelli. N.B. There is a break between the pre-concert talk, which ends at 00:53:30, and the concert, which begins at 01:30:00, which you can skip by dragging the slider along.

Download Complete Concert Programme Notes (PDF)

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Pre-concert talk with Nick Moroz and Patricia Alessandrini
Patricia Alessandrini - Tracer la lune d’un doigt
Enno Poppe - Gelöschte Lieder
short interval
Steven Daverson - Firelife
Fausto Romitelli - La sabbia del tempo

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