Maki Sekiya: Shostakovich Piano Sonata No. 1 & Contemporary Russia

Friday, May 12, 2017
£5 or annual pass

A recital of Russian contemporary pieces alongside Shostakovich's Piano Sonata No. 1 by the brilliant Japanese pianist, Maki Sekiya (“An extraordinary, irrepressible energy which doesn’t know an end.” - V.G.Rozhnovsky). This recital juxtaposes the first piano sonata of Shostakovich with four Russian contemporary pieces that reflect the influence of minimalism and electronica. “Yarilo” for piano and electronics by the Moscow-trained composer, Nikolai Korndorf, is one of the great classics of Russian contemporary keyboard music, and for the pieces by Yusopova and Naumenko, Maki is joined by the exceptional Oxford-based Theremin player, Lydia Kavina.

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Part 1:
Korndorf - Yarilo
Shostakovich - Piano Sonata 1
Part 2:
Naumenko - Promenade
Yusopova - Kitezh-19
Pavlenko - La musique a bis