Motion & Meaning: Ensemble Klang & Leading Contemporary Dancers

Friday, July 6, 2018
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DANSOX and the Liveness, Hybridity & Noise Series join forces for this multi-disciplinary presentation of three new works that stretch the synthetic possibilities of music and dance. Over a four-day residency at St Hilda’s College, one of Holland’s leading contemporary music groups, Ensemble Klang, worked with four composers from Oxford (Anna Appleby, Joel Baldwin, Joseph Currie, Sophie Sparkes) and a team of leading contemporary dancers and choreographers (Malgorzata DzierzonEstela Merlos, Patricia Okenwa, Liam RiddickPiedad Albarracin Seiquer). ‘Open’ rehearsals took place on 4-5 July (15:00–17:00), as well a fully-staged performance at 19:30 on Friday 6 July, all of which can be viewed here after the three mini documentary videos about each of the dance pieces as listed below.

1. 'CUE' mini documentary
2. 'How Many Eyes...' mini documentary
3. 'Grim's Ditch' mini documentary
1. Performance (part one)
2. Performance (part two)
3, Rehearsal (part one)
4. Rehearsal (part two)

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CUE by Anna Appleby (Rambert Music Fellow and St Hilda’s alumna) is a quirky and comical piece that plays with the audience’s perceptions of the boundaries between dance and music. Grim’s Ditch by composer Joel Baldwin (St Hilda’s) explores melancholia, politics, artistic expression and meaning through the layering of multimedia, sound and physical motion. Joel's work features the talented Austrian vocalist Michaela Riener, whose recent solo engagements include works by Steve Reich, Michael Gordon (with dance company EmioGreco|PC), Louis Andriessen (La Passione, TAO) and Hanns Eisler (with the Asko|Schönberg Ensemble). Joseph Currie (St Anne's) investigates different kinds of time in movement, motivated by the structural difference of heartbeats and breaths, alongside ideas about gendered breath and the expressive apparatus behind screaming. A new instrumental piece for the ensemble, written by former Oxford composer, Sophie Sparkes (RCM student and St Anne's alumna), was premiered alongside the three dance pieces.


Anna Appleby
CUE (choreography: Malgorzata Dzierzon, in collaboration with the dancers: Piedad Albarracin Seiquer & Liam Riddick)

Joseph Currie How many eyes do we have then, being two... (choreography: Estela Merlos, in collaboration with the dancers: Liam Riddick & Piedad Albarracin Seiquer)


Sophie Sparkes
Breathe (instrumental)

Joel Baldwin Grim’s Ditch feat. Michaela Riener (mezzo soprano) and a film by Sophie Sparkes (choreography: Patricia Okenwa, in collaboration with the dancers: Estela Merlos & Liam Riddick)

Lighting design by Christopher Burr and projection by Jonathan Danciger


The DANSOX research network, which is based at St Hilda's College, University of Oxford, promotes dialogue between prominent academic disciplines and the worlds of dance theory and practice. Find out more about this major forum for dance scholarship in Europe from its founder and director, Professor Sue Jones, in the video below.