Murail's Territoires de l’oubli & Stockhausen's Klavierstücke

Saturday, October 21, 2017
£5 or annual pass

Pianist Jonathan Powell returns to the JdP to perform Tristan Murail’s Territoires de l’oubli and Stockhausen’s Klavierstücke (V, IX, X & XII). Territoires de l’oubli is probably the first extended work that applies the ‘spectral’ method to the solo piano. The instrument is used as a resonating chamber, resulting in a huge wash of sometimes very gradually changing sound. Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Klavierstücke are highly diverse. They take the listener on an extraordinary journey from the post-Webernian (no. 5), through meditative incantation (no. 9), extreme violence (no. 10) to the melody-driven narrative of no. 12, an excerpt from his opera cycle Licht.

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Part 1 - pre-concert talk with Jonathan Powell (piano) and Professor Martyn Harry
Part 2 - Stockhausen's Klavierstücke V, III, VII, IX & Murail's Territoires de l’oubli
Part 3 - Stockhausen's Klavierstücke XII & X