Piano Weekend 1: Nicolas Hodges

Saturday, 4 March 2017 - 7:30pm
Pre-Concert Talk at 6:45pm
Gallery £15, Stalls £12, Students £12/£5, LIVESTREAM £5 (25% single weekend discount or 40% double weekend discount)

Including the works of Domenico Scarlatti & Salvatore Sciarrino. The work of Salvatore Sciarrino holds a unique position in the world of contemporary classical music through its powerful communicative ability, its remarkable timbral refinement and the way it engages parameters such as silence and space. This is an exciting opportunity to encounter Sciarrino’s piano music through the advocacy of the British pianist whose metronome recordings of the composer’s works are seen as definitive, and in a thrilling programme that juxtaposes his works with that of his equally beguiling Italian forebear, Domenico Scarlatti.

The PRE-CONCERT TALK at 6:45pm will be LIVE-STREAMED as well as the CONCERT from 7:30pm: jdp.st-hildas.ox.ac.uk/livestream


Sciarrino - Perduto in una città d'acque
Scarlatti - Sonata in C minor K.84
Sciarrino - Sonata No. 5
Scarlatti - Sonata in C major K.502
Aperghis - Moment présents (UK premiere)​
Scarlatti - Sonata in F minor K.69
Sciarrino - Quattro Notturni
Scarlatti - Sonata in A minor K.532
Sciarrino - Due Notturni Crudeli


Visitors who attend both concerts for Piano Weekend 1 will receive a 25% discount on tickets. More information below:

Piano Weekend 1: Ian Pace Friday 3 March at 7:30pm
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works in Boulez’s second sonata and Cage’s Music of Changes...

Visitors who attend all four of our Piano Weekend concerts will receive a 40% discount on tickets:

Piano Weekend 2: Maki Sekiya Friday 12 May at 7:30pm
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Piano Weekend 2: Jonathan Powell Saturday 13 May at 3:30pm
Opus Clavicembalisticum is perhaps Sorabji’s best known work, even if more talked about than played until the 1980s (this will only be the sixteenth public performance of it)...

Piano Weekend 1 - Single Weekend Ticket = £22.50 gallery / £18.00 stalls / £7.50 concession
Piano Weekend 2 - Single Weekend Ticket = £22.50 gallery / £18.00 stalls / £7.50 concession
Both Piano Weekends - Double Weekend Ticket = £36.00 gallery / £28.80 stalls / £12.00 concession

Nicolas Hodges pianist