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28 February 2024

Ej Zhou
Oxford vs. Zhejiang

“The teaching here is delivered in a very different way. There’s a completely different set of terminologies here in Oxford - tutorials, collections, etc. Each term even got their own names! Besides these, Oxford no doubt has a strong and well-respected faculty. And since humanities division in Oxford has such a rich history, I think Oxford in general lays more emphasis on the liberal art subjects, compared to other educations in US or in China. In Oxford, you feel the touch of history. Great architectures like RadCam, vast collections of ancient books in the Bod, or maybe the Latin lines principals recite before the formal. It’s a unique cultural experience."

Extracurricular Adventures

Beyond academics, Ej Zhou actively engages in extracurricular activities, showcasing the vibrant and diverse life at Oxford. A member of the Oxford Kendo Society and Oxford International Film Society, Ej Zhou cherishes the Ultimate Picture Palace in Cowley as a favourite spot.

“Shout out to the Jazz Society with their weekly jam in Mad Hatters. Finally, I can’t forget to mention the language event held by St. Anthony’s College every Wednesday, there’s surely a lot of polyglots here in Oxford! There are so many stories to tell. For me though, a fine breezy afternoon with scone and cup of tea in Vaults & Garden is the best thing in life.”

Advice for Prospective Visiting Students

To those considering applying to be a visiting student at Oxford, Ej Zhou has a straightforward message.

"You won’t regret it!"

As a visiting student, you are sure of a warm welcome at St Hilda’s College, one of the University of Oxford's world-famous Colleges. You will be formally recognised by the University of Oxford, opening up many of the same privileges available to our undergraduates. That includes access to lectures, tutorials, libraries and membership of the Junior Common Room as well as access to our societies and sports clubs.

Interested in applying? Click here

Application deadline - 9am on Monday 25 March 2024.